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Foscam HD 2 Pro app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 8000 ratings )
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Developer: The Convenience Factory B.V.
4.99 USD
Current version: 2.35, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 24 Nov 2015
App size: 30.03 Mb

Foscam HD 2 Pro (formerly known as Foscam Surveillance 2 Pro) is the successor of Foscam Surveillance, the best-selling camera app for Foscam. Its the only app you need for controlling your Foscam cameras. Wether you want to protect your business or home, keep an extra eye on you elderly mother or dont want to miss a single second of your new-born baby: this is the app you need.

Highlights (for an overview of features see

- Shows the full HD streams of the cameras (in contrast to those other apps that show a scaled down, low framerate image)
- Today screen support!
- Mosaic with 2, 4 or 6 cameras
- Different zones
- Supports most Foscam MJPEG and HD cameras
- Preliminary support for Amcrest cameras!
- Motion detection
- Sound detection for cameras that support it
- Pan/tilt
- iPad support (and not just scaled up!)
- Two-way audio (currently only for Foscam MJPEG cameras)
- Connection monitoring
- Find camera in the network
- Patrol
- Presets
- Optical zoom for cameras that support it
- HTTPS support for Foscam HD camera models that support it
- Mail server setup from within the app
- And much much more

Please note that not all features are available for all cameras!

Supported Foscam models: C1 C2 FI8601 (MJPEG) FI8602 (H264) FI8602 (MJPEG) FI8604 FI8605 FI8608W FI8620 FI8901W FI8902W FI8903W FI8904W FI8905W/FI8905E FI8906W FI8907 FI8907W FI8908W FI8909W FI8909W-NA FI8910W FI8916W FI8918W/FI8918E FI8918W/FI8918E reversed pan FI8919W FI9800P/FI9800EP FI9801W FI9802W FI9803 FI9803P V1 FI9803P V2 FI9803W FI9804W FI9805W FI9816P FI9818W V1 FI9818W V2 FI9820W FI9821E FI9821P FI9821W V1 FI9821W V2 FI9826P FI9826W FI9828P V2 FI9828W/FI9828P V1 FI9831W/FI9831P FI9851W/FI9851P FI9853W/FI9853P/FI9853EP FI9900P/FI9900EP
FI9903P/FI9903EP FosBaby R2
Supported Chinese models: EH8165 FHD973P/EF9725 HD811W V1 HD811W V2 HD815P/EH8135 HD816E V1 HD816E V2 HD816P V1 HD816P V2 HD816W V1 HD816W V2 HD818P V1/EH8155 V1 HD818P V2/EH8155 V2 HD818W HD931/EH9331/EH9311/EH9312 HD931W HD933/EH9331/HD933E/EH9333 HD950/HD950E/EH9501/EH9502 HD950W HD950W/EH9502 HD951 HD951W HD953/HD953E HD953W HD963W/HD963P V1 HD963W/HD963P V2 HD965 IQ IQ200 SD810W SD810W reversed pan SD812W
Supported Fostar models: FC9821P
Supported Amcrest models: IP2M-841 IP2M-842 IP2M-842E IP2M-954E IP4M-1024E IPM-721 IPM-722 IPM-743E
For a complete list, see

3G/4G or wireless network connection required, for use outside your home network youll need to setup portforwarding on your router or setup a VPN connection, see the FAQ.

Pros and cons of Foscam HD 2 Pro app for iPhone and iPad

Foscam HD 2 Pro app good for

The app is useful, albeit a little slow, but its constantly improving its functionalities.
Very easy to set up, a lot of options in use and very good pictures. Eventhough its primarily for Foscam, it would be great if you could add cameras like D-Link.
But problems with control buttons as message tells that rights are not given for control button. In old suveillance sw no problems. In this new no chance to activate even admin rights are given
The best camera app that Ive used. Money well spent! Very impressed.
Works very well but one of my camera need an update that add fi8620 automatic view points selection to be 5 stars
New version coming along very nicely, hopefully push notifications are in the near future.

Some bad moments

I’ve been using foscam cams and software viewers since years now. I acquired a new cam FI9800P model. This foscam pro2 viewer (even the foscam pro version) works fine when within my internal wifi network (with all camera models) but once i want to view it from the outside (DDNS - 3G/4G network) it doesn’t work anymore for this model only (FI9800P). The fun part is that using a competitor viewer (IP CAM Viewer Pro) it works fine !!! Thus, i strongly suspect a foscam pro2 viewer bug !! . Tested on iPhone 6+ & iPhone 6s - last iOS version Please contact me to fix the issue asap - available to help you analyse the behaviour.
Unfortunately still far too many stream errors when using this version. Picture quality excellent when the streaming is working. However until further I will stay with my old version of this software.
Too slow, sometime camera are not viewable in wifi mode, i have 8 cameras and its really a waste of time to try to setup this application. The 1 version is a very good application. Dont upgrade, the V2 is not ready at all.
No features whatsoever. Terrible notifications. Huge delay on video. I wouldve given it 0 stars but I dont have that option.
It use to work pretty well until my ISP blocked the possibility to port forward. Since that, it only works on LAN. I asked some questions to the developers, but i received no answer at all. Im giving 2 stars for lack of support.
The sound doesnt work and the video always has to be restarted. Old app doesnt have any of these problems.